Serving Up A Slice Of Home


When you bite into a luscious slice of an Auntie Mame’s pie, the first thing you taste is the perfect flakiness of the delicate golden crust, followed by the rich, delicious filling chock full of flavor. Eating a piece of Auntie Mame’s pie is a taste sensation that truly “serves up a slice of home.”

That’s because Auntie Mame insists on baking with only the highest quality fresh fruits and select ingredients. All of Auntie Mame’s pies deliver flavor by the forkful! Become a loyal fan today and make Auntie Mame’s Pies part of every special occasion. Get the tasty details…

Auntie Mame currently makes pies to order and is available to custom bake in quantity for pie bars and special events. She is especially busy during all of the major holidays. Her Thanksgiving and Christmas baking schedule is very popular, so make sure to order your pies early – and often!  

“The best pies I have eaten in all of my 62 years!”  Jim S. loyal customer since 2017

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