Special Products & Services

Pie Bars

Not everyone wants a big birthday or wedding cake as the centerpiece of their celebration.  Beautiful, delicious and decorative pie bars are becoming more and more popular at special gatherings and events.

Auntie Mame loves helping you plan the sweet ending for your perfect day.  Contact Auntie Mame today to select your favorite pies for your unique Auntie Mame’s Pie-Fection Pie Bar. 

Corporate Gifts & More

Auntie Mame is excited to help you give your friends and colleagues that memorable gift for the holidays or significant day at the office. A fresh and local gift from your hometown pie perfectionist is a special and delicious way to show your appreciation.  Contact Auntie Mame today.  You’ll be glad you did!

Baking her specialties and “serving up a taste of home” makes Auntie Mame happy! She is always thinking up new and creative recipes and unique treats to eat and share.  Stay tuned to Facebook to find out about her latest culinary creations!